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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Proof of Coverage for Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits - DB 820/829 Flat File Transmission


The Workers' Compensation Board allows DB 820/829 reporting to be done electronically using an FTP flat file format. A flat file is a data processing format that contains form data without any presentation format. Flat files are usually submitted by large companies that submit high volumes of forms. The company's computer staff writes the computer programs to produce the files in the specified DB 820/829 Flat File Format. Then the programs are periodically run to prepare the files containing the DB 820/829 form data for transmission to the Board. Flat files are sent to the Board using an automated computer-to-computer transfer called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To request a copy of the DB 820/829 Flat File Format contact the Workers' Compensation Board.

If your company is interested in sending DB Proof of Coverage flat file information to the Board, complete the Registration for DB 820/829 Flat File Transmission.

When the testing process has been successfully completed, which means your company has successfully transmitted error-free test flat files to the Board in the prescribed format, a date is mutually agreed upon for your company to begin sending production Proof-of-Coverage data in flat files. When the registration process has been completed, the registrant will have a User ID and Password for the Board's FTP Server.

For each DB 820/829 Flat File sent to the Board, the Board will generate a DB 820/829 Acknowledgement File and place it on the Board's FTP server (once all of the transactions in the given file have been processed) for pick-up. The Acknowledgement file serves to inform the carrier about the acceptance or rejection of each transaction sent in the DB 820/829 Flat File. To request a copy of the DB 820/829 Acknowledgement File Format contact the Workers' Compensation Board.