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Workers’ Compensation Board

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Proof of Coverage for Disability and Paid Family Leave Benefits - DB 820/829 Web Submission

Advantages of Submitting on Web Site

Reduce mailing costs

No longer pay for postage to mail forms to the Board.

Improve timeliness of filings

Eliminate the time that paper forms spend traveling in the mail and therefore, avoid statutory penalties based on a late received date.

Immediate feedback

If the form is not completed correctly, you will be prompted to correct errors at the time of submission.

Improve effectiveness of filings

Because there is less chance that a form will be submitted with incomplete or incorrect information, the amount of correspondence initiated by incorrectly completed forms will be reduced.

Ease of resubmission

If a transaction gets rejected when processed by the Board, based on information previously provided to the Board, you will receive a message advising you of the nature of the error so it can be corrected and the form resubmitted.

View and print previously submitted transactions.

No training necessary since the electronic form mirrors the paper DB 820/829.