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Workers' Compensation Board

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Flat File Transmission of Claim Information


Some Workers' Compensation Claim forms may be submitted to the Board in flat file formats INSTEAD of:

  • Sending paper forms to the Board, OR
  • Typing the data into forms on the Board's web site for submission via the web.

A flat file is a data processing format that contains form data without any presentation format. Flat files are usually submitted by large companies that submit high volumes of forms. The company's computer staff writes the computer programs to produce the files in the specified format. Then the programs are periodically run to prepare the files containing the Claim forms data, for transmission to the Board. The flat file formats are proprietary, i.e., unique to New York State.

Flat files are commonly sent to the Board using an automated computer-to-computer transfer called FTP (File Transfer Protocol), but they can also be manually uploaded to the Board using a web browser. The Board does not accept flat files in e-mails.

List of Claim Forms in Flat File Format. Forms are periodically added to this list.

If your company is interested in sending Workers' Compensation Claim flat file information to the Board, the first step is to read the documentation available on and from this web site. The second step is to have your company representative register to participate in this program.

After registering, the company representative will receive a phone call or e-mail from a member of the Board's technical staff. Your representative will have the opportunity to ask detailed technical questions to make an informed decision as to whether or not your company would like to continue with the process of preparing to send flat file Claim data to the Board. Assuming your company continues with the process, a testing time frame convenient to your company would be agreed upon with your company's representative. A legal agreement will be sent to be signed by an officer of the organization.

When the testing process has been successfully completed, which means your company has successfully transmitted error-free test Claim flat files to the Board in the prescribed format, a date is mutually agreed upon for your company to begin sending production Claim data in flat files.

Once in production, your company will receive an e-mail from the Board acknowledging acceptance or non-acceptance for each production flat file your company has sent to the Board.

Questions or Problems

If a question arises or problems are encountered your representative can contact the NYS Workers' Compensation Board Help Desk The representative should indicate his/her request is regarding " Claims Flat-file Submission " so the Help Desk may forward the request to the appropriate person or Unit.