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Workers' Compensation Board

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In March 2012, the NYS Workers' Compensation Board created a survey for claim administrators to help guide the WCB's communication and training plans for eClaims. The following pages provide an overview of results of that survey.

Major Findings

  • Responders reflect a good cross section of stakeholders.
  • A majority of stakeholders are aware of the IA standard and are currently submitting transactions.
  • Claim administrators submit information via multiple methods.
  • Based on response to the submission periods, a staged approach is best.
  • Communication is a consistent challenge and should be addressed throughout the project.
  • Stakeholders are interested in multiple training options.

The WCB is grateful for the feedback and response received. The WCB is using the results of this survey to inform the implementation process, gauge knowledge, and realize potential obstacles to stakeholders impacted by the mandate for electronic filing of claims data.

Response will help the WCB to design future communications and training that is tailored to the needs of its stakeholders.

Questions or comments related to access issues or survey results may be addressed to:

Survey Results (PPT)