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Workers' Compensation Board

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Mapped Documents

The six mapped documents are current Board forms C-2, VF-2, VAW-2, C-669, C-7 and C-8/8.6 with the IAIABC data element numbers listed in the existing fields. These Board forms will be replaced with FROI/SROI upon implementation of eClaims.

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  • C-2 (Employer's Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness)
  • C-7 (Notice That Right to Compensation is Controverted)
  • C-8/8.6 (Notice That Payment of Compensation Has Been Stopped or Modified)
  • C-669 (Notice to Chair of Carrier's Action on Claim for Benefits)
  • VAW-2 (Political Subdivision's Report of Injury to Volunteer Ambulance Worker)
  • VF-2 (Political Subdivision's Report of Injury to Volunteer Firefighter)