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Workers’ Compensation Board

Trading Partner Registration

Registration Process

This registration requires Adobe Reader®. The latest version of Adobe Reader® Link to External Website is available as a free download from Adobe's web site.

All information must be complete and accurate. The Board will notify the registering party of any discrepancy between the information in this registration and the Board's present records.

  • Identify your organization type: Insurer/Self-Insured Employer, Insurance Group, Third Party Administrator or Vendor
  • Select your method of data submission: SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) or web.
  • If the Trading Partner will be sending their data using SFTP or through a vendor, they can select to receive a zip file from the Board of accepted FROI/SROI forms in PDF format that can be used for mailing to the parties as indicated in the Event Table. See section 3.6 of the NY eClaims Implementation Guide for further details.
  • IMPORTANT: The Trading Partner must provide their Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) and the nine digit postal code. The FEIN and Postal Code provided at registration will be used to validate the sender.
  • Complete Trading Partners Insurer ID's List if appropriate;
    • Group insurers are encouraged to register all member of a group at the time of initial registration.
    • Third Party Administrator's will identify the insurers they will be sending data on behalf of.
  • Provide contact information for:
    • Business Contact,
    • Technical Contact,
    • Executive Officer (someone who is authorized to execute contracts). The Board will e-mail the Executive Officer an Electronic Partnering Agreement to be completed and returned to the Board before the Trading Partner can begin submitting eClaims data to the Board.
  • Identify an Administrator. This person will be provided a user ID and password to access an online web application to provide the initial information required to create sender associations (i.e. insurers, Third Party Administrators, vendors) and to keep the Trading Partner's information up-to-date. Review Administrator Responsibilities

Confirmation of Submission to the Board

After the Board receives your registration, a non-editable PDF version of the registration will appear in your web browser. The first page contains a confirmation that your registration was successfully submitted to the Board. It should be saved for your records. DO NOT MAIL THIS FORM TO THE BOARD.

If a confirmation page does not appear in your web browser after you submit the registration to the Board, then the Board did not successfully receive the registration and you will need to resubmit it.

After Registration Has Been Submitted

Each Trading Partner will be required to sign an Electronic Partnering Agreement.

  • For Third Party Administrators the Qualifying Officer should sign the agreement
  • For insurers and vendors an officer authorized to execute contracts should sign the agreement

The Administrator will need to log-in and create necessary relationships between the Trading Partner and vendors; third party administrators whose claims data the Trading Partner will be submitting; and request access for web users.

Before being able to submit production eClaims data, Trading Partners will need to go through a testing phase. See sections 3.7 (SFTP filers) and 3.12 (web submitters) of the NY eClaims Implementation Guide for further details.

Questions can be directed to: