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Workers’ Compensation Board

eClaims Inquiry Overview

eClaims Inquiry is a web application which provides the ability for Trading Partners (Senders), Vendors, Insurers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) to view both accepted and rejected claim transactions submitted to the Board. eClaims Inquiry also allows Insurers, Self-Insured Employers, Municipalities and TPAs the ability to view their payor compliance reports along with requesting review of any penalties associated with these reports.

Register for eClaims Inquiry

To request access to eClaims Inquiry, Trading Partners and Vendor administrators should register using the eClaims Administrator web application.

Insurers and Third Party Administrators who are NOT Trading Partners should use the registration form found on the Register for eClaims Inquiry page. You will be required to designate an Administrator who will use the eClaims Administrator online web application to request or remove access for employees who will be using eClaims Inquiry to view submitted transactions.

Using eClaims Inquiry

  1. Enter your Search Criteria by selecting the Insurer ID or Claim Admin ID (or a combination of both) for the transactions you are interested in viewing.
  2. Enter your search criteria to narrow down the search results. You may search by:
    • Jurisdiction Claim Number
    • Claim Admin Claim Number
    • Employee ID
    • Employer FEIN

    OR you can search for a specific FROI/SROI number
  3. Search Results provides the status and type of transaction and a summary identifying the employee, employer, insurer, claim administrator, sender and vendor. Accepted transactions will have a PDF icon which a user can select to view the transaction report.
  4. Transaction Detail allows the user to see specific portions of a transaction.

Questions can be directed to: