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Workers’ Compensation Board

If you are using an Internet Explorer 11 web browser and are having trouble logging into any of the Board's web applications, please refer to these instructions. Login Problems and IE 11

eClaims Administrator Responsibilities

An administrator acts as the gatekeeper for the Trading Partner. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the necessary associations for the submission of EDI data. An administrator will be responsible for keeping the Board informed of the changes within each organization to support the submission of data. Since the EDI standard requires validations, maintaining accurate information about sender relationships and key identifiers (FEIN and Zip codes) in the Boards databases is essential. Additionally, for web filers the administrator will control users.

Note: Giving access to a person who is not employed by the organization listed in the eClaims trading partner profile violates 110-a.

The administrator will use the online web application to:

  • Keep designated contacts (Executive Officer, Business and Technical) information updated for all methods of submission, web and FTP.
  • Add or remove Third Party Administrators whose claims data the Trading Partner (Sender) will be submitting.
  • Add or remove Insurers whose claims data the Trading Partner (Sender) will be submitting.
  • Request or remove user IDs and passwords for the Trading Partner's employees who will be submitting claims data via web submission.
  • Designate a vendor from a list of registered vendors to submit the Trading Partner's claims data via flat file EDI transmissions.
  • Add or Remove the option for the Trading Partner to receive a zip file from the Board of accepted FROI/SROI forms in PDF format that can be used for mailing to the parties as indicated in the Event Table. See section 3.6 of the NY eClaims Implementation Guide for further details.
  • Register for SFTP or web submission after the initial registration process has been completed.
  • Request or remove employee access to eClaims Inquiry.