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Workers’ Compensation Board

NY Requirement Tables

An integral part of the WCBs implementation of the IAIABC EDI Release 3.0 standard for electronic FROI/SROI submissions is the development of requirement tables which define all of New Yorks submission events and data elements associated with FROI/SROI submissions. The IAIABC requires a jurisdiction to publish its requirement tables prior to implementation so that claim administrators can use them in their preparation for the transition to electronic reporting.

Requirement tables are now complete and reflect the input of system participants from across the state. The IAIABC Implementation Committee reviewed the draft versions, and the WCB made changes to the tables where appropriate and also documented New York State Specific Requirements. Links to the Requirement Tables are provided below.

To view each table, click on its corresponding link:

  • Event Table Rev. 09/04/2019 (MS Excel): This table defines the Maintenance Type Codes (MTCs) for the submission of FROI and SROI events. An MTC is a set of conditions, or event, that corresponds to the circumstances under which the report is initiated. The Event Table also matches the EDI information with any time frame that may apply to the MTC for receipt of the information. The circumstances and time frames reflect the WCBs jurisdictional legislative mandates and specifications relative to reporting requirements based on various criteria.
  • Element Requirement Table Rev. 08/13/2019 (MS Excel): This table defines the required data elements for each MTC, or event, that the WCB expects to receive for FROI, First Report of Injury, and SROI, Subsequent Report of Injury, filings.
  • Edit Matrix Rev. 08/13/2019 (MS Excel): This table defines the edits that will be applied to the data elements and events defined in the Event and Element Requirements Tables. Edits will be applied to individual data elements as well as the sequence or order in which FROI and SROI submissions are received. The Edit Matrix also provides the standard error messages associated with these edits.
  • Quick Code Reference List Rev. 08/13/2019 (MS Excel): This is a reference list of the IAIABC codes that NYS accepts. This reference chart is in accordance with the Edit Matrix Value Table.
  • DN Reporting Requirements Specific to New York State Rev. 10/18/2018 (MS Excel): New York State Workers' Compensation Law requires that the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) obtain certain data to fulfill statutory requirements. These requirements have been documented to assist claim administrators in the electronic reporting of claim information.
  • DN0025 Industry Code: 2002-2017 NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)Link to External Website
  • DN0059 Manual Classification Codes 7/30/2013 (MS Excel): Complete list of Manual Classification Codes
  • NYS eClaims Change Log Rev. 9/04/2019 (MS Excel): For tracking technical or language changes

Release 3.0 - Requirement Tables adobe pdf versions