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Workers' Compensation Board

eClaims Implementation Plan – Update

In March of 2012 the WCB announced the adoption of the IAIABC Standard for electronic claim filing. In October of 2012, the WCB published our final Requirement Tables, Implementation Guide, and Implementation Schedule. The following steps assisted claim administrators in their preparation for implementation:

  • Review the FINAL Test and Implementation Schedule Rev. 4/28/2014 (MS Excel) immediately. The Test and Implementation Schedule listed start dates for insurers and their associated Board assigned W Number. If the insurer was part of an insurance group, that insurance group was also noted. Insurers, insurance groups and TPAs (who are submitting for an insurer) could find their scheduled start date (Monday, unless Monday was a legal holiday, then the start date was Tuesday) by searching for the insurer's assigned W number. Through color-coding, the Board has attempted to group W numbers that TPAs, etc. have historically submitted for.
    • Identified their assigned implementation date.
    • Claim administrators that were not identified in the Implementation Schedule would have immediately contacted the WCB eClaims team at

      If they had any questions about the date they were scheduled for, they would have sent an e-mail to with the word "Schedule" in the subject line. Specific instructions on the testing period, methods etc. were/are available in the Implementation Guide. The Trading Partner Registration process was available in February 2013.
    • Determine whether you will be submitting via flat file or through the WCB website.
    • Any Insurers and/or TPAs using the services of and EDI Vendor to submit your FROI/SROI filings to WCB should coordinate with your EDI Vendor to ensure all parties are ready for your assigned implementation date.
  • Read the eClaims Implementation Guide adobe pdf.
    Specifically, the Testing Preparation and Activities can be found in section 2.6 Managing an eClaims Implementation. Section 3, eClaims Data Preparation and Testing helped the Trading Partner prepare for the testing time period defined for them in the Test and Implementation Schedule above.

Stakeholders should take advantage of the following resources in preparation of Testing and Implementation:

Please feel free to continue to send questions and inquiries to: