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Workers’ Compensation Board

eClaims Implementation Guide

eClaims is the New York State Workers' Compensation Board's implementation of an electronic claim reporting standard for reports of injury filings. The WCB has adopted a national standard for claims reporting from the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC): Claims Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Release 3.0. The standard uses Electronic Data Interchange, commonly known as EDI, so that data can be transmitted electronically between the WCB and its EDI Trading Partners quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

The NYS eClaims Implementation Guide was designed to assist trading partners with the transition from the former paper-based process for filing injury reports to the electronic filing process of First Reports of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Reports of Injury (SROI) using the IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.0 standard. The WCB continues to recommend that this Guide be used in conjunction with the IAIABC Claims Release 3.0 Implementation Guide.

The Guide and associated content listed below provides detailed guidelines to prepare for testing and implementation with the NYS eClaims EDI process.

  • New York State eClaims Implementation Guide Rev. 4/07/2017 adobe pdf
  • MTC Filing Instructions Rev. 9/04/2019 adobe pdf – Document created by NYS WCB which provides filing scenarios in accordance with the NYS Event Table.
  • Data Entry Conventions Rev. 2/28/2013 adobe pdf – Recommended NYS eClaims data entry conventions for submitting electronic claim information.
  • Legacy Claim Instructions Rev. 8/22/2018 adobe pdf – A legacy claim is any claim that already exists in the WCB database and has been assigned a JCN or WCB# at the time the claim administrator begins the use of EDI.
  • NYS Business Scenarios Rev. 9/04/2019 (Excel) – Scenarios have been created to provide direction to claim administrators on the proper reporting of claim information.
  • Sequencing Flow Chart Rev. 09/14/2018 adobe pdf – Document created by NYS WCB showing the flow of the Claim EDI process

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