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eCase Document Upload Instructions

Printable version  eCase Document Upload Instructions adobe pdf

To view a case folder, you must be registered to use eCase and be listed as a party of interest for the case or be granted access by an organization that is a party of interest and has access to eCase.

The upload feature provides the user the ability to upload documents directly to the case folder within eCase. The document will be viewable in the case folder within 1 - 10 minutes. This feature will only be enabled for cases with a Case Status of "Hearing Set". The upload functionality will be available for use up until and including the day of the hearing. The intended users of this feature are attorneys (for both claimants and insurance carriers), insurers, TPAs, self-insured employers, and claimants.

Duplicate submissions may be deemed to be raising or continuing an issue without reasonable grounds and will subject the sender to penalties under Workers' Compensation law § 114-a(3). If submitted by the claimant's representative, duplicate submissions will result in reduced attorney's fees in the event of an award. Additionally, a report of Independent Medical Examination (Form IME-4) may not be submitted using eCase upload. Such reports must be submitted to the Board on the same day and in the same manner as the report is submitted to the claimant, insurer, claimant's attorney and treating providers.

Important Tips:

  • Verify that the document does not already exist in the case folder. Do not submit a duplicate.
  • Ensure you select the correct form ID from the drop-down list.
  • Upload each medical service date separately using the correct form ID.
  • Uploaded forms using form ID EXHIBIT or ATTY_CORR are to provide evidence associated for this hearing only; no action will be taken by a Claims Examiner.
  • Board forms are limited to the list below.
Documents Accepted Using eCase Upload
ATTY-CORR Attorney Correspondence X
C-107 EMPLOYERS Request for Reimbursement X
C-240 Employer's Statement of Wage Earnings Preceding the Date of Accident X
C-256.2 State Insurance Fund - Claim for Reimbursement of Wages Paid X
C-257 Claimant's Record of Medical and Travel Expenses and Request for Reimbursement
C-258 Claimant's Record of Job Search X X
C-258.1 Injured Worker's Record of Independent Job Search Efforts X X X
C-300.5 Stipulation X X X
C-32 Settlement Agreement - Section 32 WCL Indemnity Only Settlement Agreement X X
C-32.1 Claimant release form/Section 32 X X
C-32-I Section 32 agreement -Indemnity only X X
C-4 Doctor's Initial Report X X X
C-4.1 Continuation to Carrier/Employer Billing Section of Form C-4, C-4.2, C-4.3, C-5, PS-4 or OT-PT-4 X X X
C-4.2 Doctor's Progress Report X X X
C-4.3 Doctor's Report of MMI/Permanent Impairment X X X
C-4/C-48 Attending Doctor's Report X X X
C-4AMR Ancillary Medical Report X X X
C-5 Attending Ophthalmologist's Report X X X
C-62 Claim for Compensation in Death Case X
C-64 Proof of Death by Physician Last in Attendance on Deceased X X X
C-65 Proof of Burial and Funeral Expenses by Undertaker X X X
CLMT-CORR Claimant Correspondence X
CORR Correspondence X
DEATH-CERT Death Certificate X X X
EXHIBIT Exhibit (Medical or Other) X X X
FCE-4 Practitioner's Report of Functional Capacity Examination X X X
MED-NARR Medical Report X X X
MEMO-OF-LAW Memorandum of Law X X
OC-400.1 Application for a Fee by Claimant's Attorney or Licensed Representative X
OT/PT4 Occupational/Physical Therapist's Report X X X
PH-16.2 Pre-Hearing Conference Statement X X
PS-4 Psychologist's Report X X X
REIB-REQUEST Reimbursement Request X

Uploading a document

  1. Log into eCase, or register for an eCase account.
  2. From the eCase - Claims Information System menu, Select Case > Case Details. Enter the Case ID and press Enter. Select the Case Folder tab. For help on how to access the Case Folder, or for other features of eCase, read Using eCase.
  3. Review the forms to ensure that the document you want to upload does not already exist in the case folder. You do not want to create a duplicate submission.

    Example of where to check if document exists in eCase
  4. The Case Status, Name, District, and Case Info is displayed. If the Case Status is Hearing Set, the Upload button will be enabled. Only cases with a status of Hearing Set will have the button enabled.

    Example of enabled upload button with an upward directed arrow and case status of Hearing Set
  5. Select the Upload button to launch the eCase Document Upload page in a new browser tab.
    1. If using this feature in Safari, you will need to go into the Safari Menu > Preferences and uncheck the block pop-up windows option.
    2. A pop-up window displays. Please read the bulleted items carefully. Select Yes, I attest to and acknowledge the above items. Select the Continue to Upload Button.
  6. Verify the User & Case Information, and ensure that the Case ID is correct.
    1. If yes, proceed to step 7.
    2. If no, go back to the eCase application and enter the correct Case ID number.

    Ecase Screen Verify Case
  7. Select a Form ID from the drop-down menu. Some form IDs require additional information to be entered. If the form ID requires additional information, complete the required fields and optional fields if the information is known. Ensure that the Medical Service Date selected is the same date of service that is on the medical form.

    Note: There is a limited selection of form IDs; if the form ID you are uploading is not listed, please send the document to the Centralized Mailing Address to get the claims- related document into the case folder. If the document is correspondence or will be used as an exhibit, then select the appropriate form ID. Uploaded documents will not be acted upon until the day of the hearing.

    Document Upload Screen
  8. Select the Browse button and locate the file on your computer. Click open.
    1. The file should be either a Word or pdf file and no larger than 25 MB.
    2. You can only upload one document per form ID.
    3. Upload each medical service date separately using the correct form ID.
  9. Verify that the correct file is displayed in the Select a File to Upload field. If you entered additional information, verify that it is correct.
  10. Select the Upload button.
  11. The Success message window displays.
    Example of the Success Window Message with name of uploaded file.
  12. Select Close or click the 'X'. Closing the window will not affect the upload progress. Allow 10 minutes for the document to become viewable within eCase.
  13. Once you select Close, you will see the file name listed in the Document Upload Log area at the bottom of the page.
    Document Upload Log with Form ID and file name of uploaded file
  14. If you need to upload another document to the same Case ID, repeat steps 6 - 13.
  15. If you need to upload a document to a different Case ID, close out of the eCase Upload tab, go back to the eCase application and repeat steps 2 - 13.

    Note: Do not bookmark the eCase Document Upload browser tab.


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