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Workers' Compensation Board

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Registration for Attorneys, Licensed Reps., Insurance Carriers, TPAs, or Self-Insured Employers

If you are a claimant, you must use Registration for Claimants.


  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or later
  • Valid email account

Note: eCase does not operate on tablets, iPhones or other similar devices.

Access to eCase will be granted once the registration has been processed. As part of the registration process a Legal Agreement must be executed BY AN OFFICER of the organization requesting eCase access and the New York State Workers' Compensation Board. This agreement will be mailed to the eCase administrator after the eCase registration is reviewed. eCase access cannot be granted until the executed legal agreement is returned to the Board.

Approved users may ONLY access cases where they are either listed as a party of interest, or delegated access by an organization that is a party of interest and has eCase access.

Each organization that requests eCase access must designate an eCase administrator from within their organization at the time of registration. The eCase administrator plays a very important role that is ongoing for the duration of the organization's participation in eCase. For more detailed information, please read eCase Administrator's Responsibilities.

Administrators may log in to Add, Modify or Remove Users from their organization.

If you are an attorney or licensed representative and would like information regarding obtaining an R number, please read R Numbers for Attorneys, Attorney Firms and Licensed Representatives.

Upon successful submission of the completed registration, you will be provided with a registration number for future reference.

If the Board's eCase support team has any questions regarding your registration, the person noted as the eCase administrator will be contacted.