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Workers' Compensation Board

Doctor's Narrative Report (EC-4NARR)
Web Submission Process Tutorial

Creating a Doctor Template

You will need to decide where to save these files. If all EC-4NARR forms for the doctor will be submitted from the same computer, you may choose to save them to the computer's hard drive; however, if the forms will be generated from multiple computers that are on a network, you may want to save them to a shared network drive.

Create a folder named EC4NARR on the drive where you have decided to store the files. (If there are multiple doctors, you may want to create a folder inside the EC-4NARR folder named Doctors and then create a separate folder under this Doctor's folder for each doctor.) Sample EC4NARR Directory with two folders; Doctor and Patient

On the form, complete section C. Doctor's Information Doctor's Information Section C of EC4NARR

Scroll to the bottom of the form and select the Save Data button Save Data

Save the file with the doctor's name in the Doctors folder. This file will have an .xml file extension. (i.e. doctorName.xml) Doctor directory