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Doctor's Narrative Report (EC-4NARR)
Web Submission Process Tutorial

Creating an Insurance Carrier Template

You may want to create templates containing both the doctor and a specific insurance carrier's information, to be used when you get a new patient covered by that insurance carrier.

Create a new folder named Carriers under the Doctor's folder. Sample Doctor's Directory with Carrier folder

Select the "Load previously saved EC-4NARR data" button near the top of the form,
Load previously saved EC-4NARR data button
and then select the data file that you previously created for the doctor (doctorName.xml), or complete section C. Doctor's Information.

On the form, complete the insurance carrier's information in section D. Billing Information. Carrier's Information in D. Billing Information Section of EC4NARR

Scroll to the bottom of the form and select the Save Data button Save Data

Save the file with the insurance carrier's name in the Carriers folder. This file will have an .xml file extension. (i.e. carrierName.xml) Carrier directory