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BPR Project Sponsor Update

September Update

I have news to share on the status of our BPR project initiatives, as well as information about our current outreach activities, so let’s get started!

I am pleased to report that work on the BPR project initiatives is proceeding apace. Our consulting vendor on the Medical Portal project, NYSTEC, has been working with the internal Board working team to identify requirements. NYSTEC will also be reaching out to external stakeholders to understand their requirements later this fall. All events will be published on the BPR section of the Board's website.

Great progress has also been made on the Quality Medical Care Initiatives. Specifically, the Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTG) are set to go into effect shortly. These guidelines are a valuable addition to our suite of Medical Treatment Guidelines and will give providers needed support in the treatment and management of chronic pain. The proposed Non-Acute MTG provides a comprehensive approach with a focus on functional improvement and return to work. The proposed guidelines supplement and update current recommendations on chronic pain in our existing Medical Treatment Guidelines. They also include state-of-the-art recommendations regarding the long-term use of narcotics for the treatment of pain. Free online training on using the Non-Acute MTG will be available on the Board’s website.

On our outreach activities, invitations for the Inaugural Advisory Council Kick-Off session, scheduled to be held on November 12, 2014, were sent to the 18-member council. The meeting will be held at the Board's offices in Schenectady. I am particularly pleased that the council, which started as an advisory group for the BPR, has been adopted by the Board as a permanent entity to offer advice, and give in-depth opinion and discussion on various matters that affect the workers' compensation system. The Advisory Council is sponsored by our interim executive director, Mary Beth Woods.

The fall 2014 District Dialogue sessions were held throughout the 10 District Offices during the month of September. As I mentioned to you in the July 2014 Project Director Update, the purpose of these meetings is to create an ongoing dialogue between the Board and its stakeholders. They are an open forum to discuss workers’ compensation policies and procedures. I think these meetings will be important in keeping the lines of communication open among participants in the system. I hope you will consider attending one of the winter meetings, which the Board anticipates holding during the month of December.

As we push forward with the BPR project initiatives, it is easy to lose sight of how important communication with our stakeholders has been to the progress we have made. Your willingness to engage in the process and give your opinions, whether positive or negative, has helped propel this project forward. I hope you will continue to send your feedback. Please drop us a line at the BPR mailbox: And please remember to check the BPR section of the Board's website for the latest news and information. I appreciate your participation more than I can say. Thank you.

K. Brian Collins

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor