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Workers' Compensation Board

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BPR Project Sponsor Update

October Update

We are now six weeks into the BPR project, and our stakeholder outreach is well underway. As project sponsor, I share the Board's commitment to ongoing, open communication with our stakeholder community. In the spirit of that commitment, I would like to give you an update on the BPR project. This update is the first of what I anticipate as being periodic updates on what we have been doing on the project and how things are going. These updates will also be an opportunity for me to give you my perspective on various BPR project activities.

Since the official kickoff of the project on August 26, 2013, we launched several communication vehicles to enable us to share news and progress with you, and enable you to send us your feedback and suggestions. The BPR section of the Board's website has been up and running for the past month and is the place to go for the latest news and information on the project. If you are active on social media, you can stay abreast of new information from your smart phone. We use our Facebook and Twitter accounts to alert stakeholders to updates and new information. We provide links to website updates in our status updates and tweets so that you can redirect to the new or updated BPR information. I have been glad to see how many people have taken advantage of the BPR email address to send us their thoughts and opinions. The BPR mailbox is actively monitored. Emails are routed to the appropriate BPR working team for further consideration or to develop into an FAQ for later publication on the website.

To solicit more feedback and have more direct communication with you, we started an outreach program at the end of September. We invited stakeholders from all of our constituencies to in-person sessions held at Workers' Compensation district offices throughout the state to talk about what works about the system and what doesn't. As of October 11, 2013, we have held more than 30 in-person sessions with attorneys, insurance carriers, medical providers, employers and our own employees. We estimate that over 175 stakeholders have attended. We still have a number of sessions left to conduct in October. In September, we also conducted webinars for the attorney, insurance carriers, and medical provider stakeholder groups for those who could not attend an in-person session.

Our next steps direct our attention to injured workers. Their feedback about the system is a critically important part of our information gathering. We have scheduled in-person sessions for injured workers starting in November, including Injured Worker Days in all district offices and teleconferences. We are also meeting with organized labor in the next month. We have created a survey for injured workers to talk to us about their experiences with the system. The questions in the survey are designed to gain feedback on the injured worker's experience. The survey will be available in all district offices and is available online under the Injured Workers' section of the Board's website. We plan to use the feedback we receive as a means to learn where our areas of focus should be.

Starting with the Bones Conference in Albany October 17-18th, where we will be staffing a table so that conference participants can get information and ask questions about the BPR project, we will be participating in several conferences where we may be able to share news about the project. Look out for more information on the website.

The feedback we've received to date from our outreach program is invaluable. It has not only confirmed where the problem points are, which we were hoping would be the case, but it has also given us essential insight into the difficulties you encounter in the system. Again, we will work with you to use this information to decide where in the system to focus our re-engineering activities.

If you have not attended an in-person session yet, you still have an opportunity to do so. A complete schedule of the in-person sessions and transcripts of the webinar sessions are available on the BPR section of the Board's website under Events.

If you have just participated in an in-person session or webinar and are looking for follow up, or you are interested in additional opportunities to contribute, the website is the place to start. With new content added regularly, it is also good for those of you just acquainting yourself with the BPR project.

We hope that everyone will continue to follow our updates on the website, and continue to send us thoughts and opinions to Everyone's input is extremely important.

Let’s keep the conversation going!

The 'As-Is' Assessment phase of the BPR project started the end of August. The 'To-Be' phase will begin in November.