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Workers' Compensation Board

BPR Project Sponsor Update

November Update

The end of October marked the conclusion of the As-Is Assessment phase of the BPR project. I want to extend my sincere thanks for your willingness to get involved. I appreciate the support and commitment you have shown as we work to improve the system.

The information we collected during this phase will be critical as we move to the next phase of the project: the analysis and development of our To-Be Environment. In fact, the BPR team has collected so much valuable input from the stakeholder community that it has taken longer to get your comments and feedback posted to the Board’s website than we anticipated. Considering the volume of feedback we received, I would say that this is a good problem to have! It is truly inspiring to have so many of our stakeholders participating in this project. We should have all the feedback from the stakeholder webinars and in-person sessions posted by early next week.

Over the last month we have also received a strong response to our outreach to injured workers. We held the first of what we expect to be periodic meetings with organized labor. The Injured Worker survey and the Injured Worker Days initiative have garnered a great deal of feedback about the injured worker’s experience of the system. The nature of many of the responses makes it clear that the BPR project must emphasize improving service to injured workers. This will be an important driver of our To-Be Environment analysis. The BPR team is working on collating the survey responses and posting them to the Board’s website. We are also putting together some charts that show some results from the survey questions. The survey comments will be posted to the website this week. The survey results will follow shortly thereafter.

As we begin the To Be Environment analysis, participation from our stakeholders will be more important than ever. To help the BPR working teams develop the To Be Environment, we are in the process of forming stakeholder focus groups to vet the ideas that come out of the BPR working team meetings. Our goal is for the focus groups to give feedback on the feasibility of these ideas and how they would work in practice. The focus group orientation meeting was held on November 13th and we had great attendance. Future meetings will be scheduled to integrate with Board BPR working team meetings to facilitate the exchange of ideas and feedback.

I also wanted to bring to your attention the recent press release by the Governor’s office about the Worker’s Compensation Board. No doubt many of you are already aware of it. The press release not only highlighted cost saving measures in the Business Relief Act that cut the workers’ compensation assessment to employers significantly, but also drew attention to the Board’s major initiatives: eClaims and the BPR project. If you have not had the opportunity to read it, I encourage you to do so (Governor's press release Link to External Website).

The press release was picked up by a number of newspapers and websites in the state, including the Albany Times Union, the Albany Business Review, Newsday, the Rochester Business Journal, and The links to the articles are listed below.

Albany Times Union, Workers' comp shift saves $800 million Link to External Website

Albany Business Review, Changes to NY's workers' comp to save businesses millions Link to External Website, Governor Cuomo Details Improvements to New York's Workers' Compensation System That Cut Costs to Employers by 26% for 2014 Link to External Website

Newsday, NYS: Workers’ comp changes will save $300 million Link to External Website

Rochester Business Journal, Cuomo touts improvements to workers’ comp system

The positive attention we are receiving from the Governor and the press gives the BPR team powerful incentive to push forward. I hope it is inspiring to you as well. The Board could not have come as far as it has on business process re-engineering without the participation of our stakeholders, and we will not be able to develop a To-Be Environment that better serves injured workers and employers without the knowledge and expertise that you bring to the table.

As always, please go to the BPR section of the Board’s website for the latest information. If you are not participating in a focus group, I encourage you to stay involved. We have two update webinars scheduled on November 19th and November 21st. We continue to monitor the messages coming into the BPR email address. Messages continue to be routed to the appropriate BPR working team, and we will continue to post feedback from the mailbox periodically. Please keep sending your thoughts and ideas to

Thank you again. Your support and participation are vital to the success of the project.

Let’s keep pushing forward!

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor

Where we are going

The 'As-Is' Assessment phase of the BPR project started the end of August. The 'To-Be' phase will begin in November.