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BPR Project Sponsor Update

March Update

Didn’t it seem just a short time ago that the winter would last forever? The weather is finally breaking, if a bit slowly. I’m happy to report that the BPR project initiatives are moving forward much faster than the spring, and our outreach activities are keeping pace to communicate the progress. As I write, the BPR March 2015 District Dialogue meetings are in full swing. Meetings are being held all month at the District Offices. It is not too late to attend! Please check the Outreach Calendar for the dates, times, and locations. I will report on the feedback next month.

I would like to remind you that the second Advisory Council meeting will take place May 1, 2015 at our main office in Schenectady. I will also be reporting back on anything pertaining to the BPR.

The Payor Compliance team is making great progress in their collaboration with payors on the monitoring process. The Board hosted a payor focus group webinar earlier this month to share the new Timeliness of First Report Injury (FROI) report. There will be a subsequent webinar for the entire payor community on April 7th from 1–3 pm. The team’s goal is for registered payors to begin viewing their FROI reports by the end of April.

In Medical Portal project news, the team has handed off the business requirements to the Information Technology Services team for their analysis. They will analyze the business requirements for feasibility, determine the project’s software requirements and decide what resources will be needed to implement the portal.

If you have any questions or feedback you want to give about the BPR, the BPR mailbox ( is always at your disposal. It is as important an outreach vehicle as any of the BPR team’s in-person events or webinars, so I encourage you to send your comments and ideas. With that, I will end by saying that I hope to hear from you soon, and happy spring!

K. Brian Collins

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor