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BPR Project Sponsor Update

July Update

Hello again! I hope that your summer has gotten off to a good start and that your Fourth of July celebrations included plenty of fun, family, and friends.

During the months of June and July, the BPR team traveled to all of the district offices for another series of roadshows. I was very pleased with how these meetings went. We presented a recap of the project, summarizing the planning phase of the BPR, and officially kicked off the BPR implementation phase. We introduced our first three project initiatives:

  • Medical Billing & Reporting Portal
  • Quality Medical Care Initiatives
  • Payor Compliance

The additional insight we provided about the initiatives during the presentation was well received by the roadshow attendees. The roadshow gave us an opportunity to speak with external stakeholders and identify next steps for each of the initiatives. Our interim executive director, Mary Beth Woods, especially appreciated the opportunity to speak with more Board employees and stakeholders. We will be completing our roadshow schedule with a presentation in Plattsburgh on July 22.

In case you did not have a chance to attend one of the roadshow presentations, we have some alternatives so that you do not miss out. We will be holding two webinar sessions of the roadshow presentation on July 22, at 4 pm, and on July 29, at noon. A BPR roadshow PowerPoint presentation is also located on the BPR section of the Board’s website at: June 2014 Webinars

I already have some progress to share about the Medical Billing & Reporting Portal project. We have hired a consulting vendor to assist us in the requirements gathering for the project. Their role on the project will be to elicit the business and stakeholder requirements. They will be speaking with the internal working team, Board employees and external stakeholders to understand their needs in developing the new portal technology. I will have more news to come as this, as well as the other two projects, progress.

As part of the BPR’s continuing communication and outreach, we will be holding quarterly District Dialogue to discuss current Board policies and procedures. Some of you may remember that the Board used to hold District Dialogue meetings. These new meetings will be organized in a similar way and will be open to all stakeholders. The meetings will be conducted by a team from the Board made up of a District Manager, Senior Law Judge, and central office staff. District Managers will send an email each quarter to invite practitioners. These meeting will kick off in September. Attorneys and licensed representatives should watch their email for meeting invitations and agendas.

As I have mentioned in this space before, the BPR team’s communication and outreach efforts will continue throughout the implementation phase of the BPR project. Although the nature of the project has changed from planning to implementation, we continue to look for new ways for stakeholders to participate. If you have an idea that would help us to keep the conversation going, please drop the BPR team a line via the BPR mailbox: Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and the team considers them an important gauge of how we’re doing.

I am sure you are as eager as I am to start seeing our project initiatives move forward. I am grateful for the investment that all of our stakeholders have made in the Board’s transformation thus far, and I appreciate your ongoing commitment to this long process. Having a workers’ compensation system that better serves the needs of employers and injured workers will be well worth all of the hard work! Thank you, as always, for your participation.

K. Brian Collins

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor