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Workers' Compensation Board

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BPR Project Sponsor Update

January Update

Happy New Year! I hope that the New Year finds you well, and that all of you enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends. Although the holidays provided a brief respite, it has been a busy time for the BPR team. Before I review the events of December and explain what we have coming up, I want to talk about two BPR project deliverables: the As-Is Assessment and the To-Be Assessment documents.

I am happy to say that the writing of the As-Is Assessment of our current environment is finished. The document captures the positives and negatives of today's system and incorporates stakeholder feedback from all of the BPR outreach initiatives to date, namely the stakeholder outreach in-person sessions and webinars, focus group meetings, the Injured Worker Days, the Injured Worker survey, and of course the valuable comments we continue to receive from the BPR mailbox. The As-Is Assessment is a vital stepping stone in the BPR project because it gives an honest assessment of the system as it currently exists. Without that, we cannot move forward. The system realities reflected in the document are largely due to your input, and for that I thank you.

The development of the To-Be Assessment document continues to press forward. The To-Be Assessment will describe a vision for a new workers' compensation system. The To-Be Assessment answers the question of "What" we are considering for the future to address problems identified in the As-Is Assessment. Alone, it is far from a complete plan because it does not answer how we would make changes, who would be impacted, and where and when changes would take place. In the next few months, as we develop the business case for each recommendation and the roadmap for a complete implementation, we will work on the answers to the questions of "How", "Who", "Where", and "When".

As the To-Be Assessment is being developed, we would like to validate the As-Is Assessment with you, our stakeholders. The document will not be complete without this review. The goal of the review is to ensure that the document accurately describes the current system and stakeholders' experience of it. We also want to be sure that it accurately reflects the feedback from our outreach initiatives. Over the next few weeks, we will be working out the details of the release and review schedule of the document. Once that is complete, we will post the document to the BPR section of the Board's website and provide review instructions. At the same time that we have been working on these important project deliverables, our outreach initiatives have continued. To date, six focus groups have each met twice to vet ideas and process change recommendations developed by our BPR working teams. The focus groups have provided valuable insight on the feasibility of these ideas and their application.

Additional events are planned for January and February. An Advisory Group of selected focus group members is being formed to provide a forum for regular communication between the Board and a mixed group of stakeholders and other system participants. The kickoff meeting of the Advisory Group is targeted for later in January. This meeting will introduce Advisory Group members to each other, discuss the purpose of the group, and roles of the members. The individual focus groups will be meeting again in late January for their third meeting. We also plan to do a Project Update webinar in mid-February.

In our ongoing efforts to connect with injured workers, we have arranged to host four injured worker conference calls in January. Each call will be hosted by a Board representative. Injured workers will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences with the Board representative and with the group. In addition, the Board has several Injured Worker Days scheduled in a number of district offices in January. We are also still collecting results from the Injured Worker survey and plan to post updated results to the website. To date, we have received over 6000 surveys.

Please monitor the BPR section of the Board's website for the latest news, the release of the As-Is Assessment, and the Injured Worker survey updated results. If you have an idea for an improvement to the system or want to give your opinion, feel free to send an email to the BPR mailbox ( We continue to read your comments and suggestions. I cannot overstate how important your feedback and participation is to the BPR project. Thank you so much for your willingness to partner with us.

Stay tuned!

K. Brian Collins

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor

Where we are going

The As-Is Assessment phase concluded in October. The To-Be Analysis is finishing now and will be followed by a GAP Analysis.