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BPR Project Sponsor Update

December Update

Happy holidays, everyone! I am excited to tell you that the new Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines (NAP MTG), and the revisions to the current suite of Medical Treatment Guidelines MTGs), went into effect on December 15th. This is a big accomplishment by the Quality Medical Care project team. The NAP MTG present a comprehensive approach to the management of chronic pain. They include best practice recommendations for prescribing narcotics, as well as state-of-the art recommendations regarding the long-term use of narcotics for the treatment of pain. The MTGs for specific body parts (neck, shoulder, mid and low back, and knee) and carpel tunnel syndrome have been updated with current recommendations for non-acute pain treatment. These Guidelines will provide a higher standard of care in pain treatment that will directly benefit injured workers in their recovery. An e-learning training program has been available on the Board’s website since November 12th to help familiarize stakeholders with the new standards.

Outreach continues to play a big role in the BPR, and there are a number of events going on in December. District Dialogue meetings are proceeding on schedule this month in all of the district offices. Additional requirements-gathering meetings for the medical portal are also scheduled in the district offices this month. Please see the Events page in the BPR section of the Board’s website to view the calendar of events for December. I hope you will consider attending either a District Dialogue or a requirements-gathering session for the medical portal. Both meetings offer perfect opportunities to offer feedback and ideas.

Injured Worker Days have been going on in all the district offices this month as well. For those of you who do not know, Injured Workers Days provide an opportunity for injured workers who are on site at a district office to talk to a Board representative about their experience with the workers’ compensation system. The worker’s feedback is reported back to the BPR project team.

The new injured worker hearing site survey that I talked about last month is available in paper form at all the district offices. The survey is also available online on the Board’s website. During the planning phase of the BPR, the BPR team identified the hearing site as an area that negatively affected injured workers’ experience at hearings. The survey results should yield direct feedback about the parts of the physical hearing site that are most concerning. The feedback gathered from these surveys will be used as we design our new customer experience.

We are ending the year on a very positive note. I am very much looking forward to what 2015 will bring in the BPR implementation, as we work to transform workers’ compensation in New York.

I will close this month by wishing all of you a very happy holiday season. Thank you so much for your participation in the BPR project. You have given immeasurably to the project with your feedback and ideas, and your time and attention in the BPR outreach sessions. I appreciate your effort very much. As always, if you have comments, questions, or ideas you want to share, please send an email to the BPR mailbox ( I look forward to reporting to you again in the New Year!

K. Brian Collins

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor