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BPR Project Sponsor Update

August Update

The summer seems to be flying, as it always does, but I hope it is treating you well!

August 2014 marks a significant milestone in the Board’s Business Process Re-engineering project: it has now been one year since we started the BPR. All of the work of the last year has been driving toward the completion of recommendations that will be the foundation of the future New York compensation system.

I am pleased to report that a consulting vendor for the Medical Billing and Portal project has been selected. NYSTEC will be developing the business and stakeholder requirements for the project. They will be speaking with the internal working team, Board employees and external stakeholders to understand their needs, and elicit the requirements and functionality of the new portal technology.

In other news, the advisory council that formed as part of the BPR project is transitioning into a permanent council. To have the valuable input of this group on a continuing basis is a great development for the Board. You may remember that the council is made up of stakeholders from each of the BPR focus groups. Its purpose will be expanded beyond the BPR to advise the Board on strategies that encourage and nurture the Board’s mission. Its work will inform strategic and operational planning at the Board.

The June/July project update roadshows and webinars have wrapped up, but you still have an opportunity to listen to the webinar presentation. A recording is available on the BPR section of the Board’s website: June 2014 Webinar.

Thank you once again for your continued participation in the BPR project. I am more convinced than ever that the collaborative relationship the Board is fostering with our stakeholders is crucial to the success of the project. I encourage you to monitor the BPR section of the Board’s website for the latest news and information. And please don’t forget about the BPR mailbox if you have any ideas or suggestions, or other feedback to give about the project. Your opinions and comments are very important to us. Please send your feedback to:

K. Brian Collins

K. Brian Collins
BPR Project Sponsor