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Workers' Compensation Board

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The BPR project is a multi-phase project; the first phase began at the end of August. The team comprises Board management, Board staff and the national consulting firm Deloitte. Over the next 28 weeks, the team will collect information in various ways, including interviewing representatives of stakeholders throughout New York state.

Business Process Re-engineering Stages

Planning- Deloitte started the BPR project on Aug. 26, 2013. The first four weeks of the project lay the foundation for a successful project by clearly defining the scope, establishing guiding principles (objectives), and developing a communication plan for stakeholder participation.

As-Is Assessment- During this phase, the Board's existing organizational structure will be assessed, as well as its business practices and underlying technology infrastructure. A comprehensive understanding of the processes in the workers' compensation system and any challenges will result.

To-Be Assessment- The third phase of the BPR project will develop recommendations that focus on improving the injured workers' and employers' experience in the workers' compensation system. These recommendations will incorporate findings from best practice research.

Gap Analysis- The Gap Analysis phase of the project will identify functional, technical, and organizational differences between and As-Is and To-Be processes. Recommendations and strategies to bridge these gaps will be developed and will provide input into the development of a roadmap that will assist the Board with transformational activities.