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  • Will the re-engineering project look at the impact of the current administrative process on the cost of handling a claim? Studies consistently demonstrate that New York is among the most expensive states, without providing increased levels of service. The Board will collect information to analyze and understand how we serve injured workers and employers, how we serve our other stakeholders, and how we work together and communicate. This is a viable consideration.
  • During the course of the re-engineering, will the Board examine the number of forms, format and usage? Are there plans to reduce the number of forms used? This certainly could be an area of consideration. Stakeholder feedback is integral to making recommendations for change in this area.
  • Will the Board expand the use of electronic forms for medical and employer reporting? Incomplete and illegible forms delay claim processing. Increasing the use of electronic reporting, as well as recommendations to improve the current electronic process for submission of medical reports, will be important considerations when the Board examines how to improve outcomes. Currently the Board accepts the electronic submission of the C-4 family of forms. Authorized health care providers can register for this process. The Board also accepts medical reports in XML format (Extensible Markup Language) via a group of submission partners. Information on both processes can be found through the following links:
  • Will the Board consider the use of existing standards to drive changes during the evaluation and re-engineering phase? Yes. In fact, the Board is using nationally accepted standards today. The Board uses the IAIABC Proof of Coverage standard for policy reporting now. eClaims, which is currently being implemented, uses the IAIABC Claims standard. Over the course of this project, the Board and Deloitte will examine best practices from other states. We will consider other relevant standards and evaluate the use of those options to leverage the data already collected.
  • Will insurers be involved in the re-engineering process? If yes, in what way? The Board fully expects to engage the stakeholders in the workers' compensation system, including insurers. The Board will use presentations, district meetings, email and conferencing. Stakeholder participation is both welcome and encouraged. Please continue to monitor our website, Facebook and Twitter for additional information as it is released.
  • Will there be outreach to medical providers during the course of this project? Yes, the Board is in the process of planning external outreach. It expects to engage external stakeholders involved in the workers' compensation system. Medical providers are an integral part of the system.
  • Are disability benefits claims part of this re-engineering effort? Unfortunately, no . While the Board recognizes that disability benefits claims could benefit from modernization efforts, they are not within the scope of this project. For more information on the scope of this effort, please refer to the RFP C140312 - Workers' Compensation System Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Request for Proposal.
  • How can I become involved with the BPR? A: If you're interested in participating in the BPR, please email your contact information to:
  • Will the Board do outreach to the injured workers as part of the BPR project? The voices of injured workers matter, so the Board’s longest and most concerted outreach is underway right now. For example, there is a survey for workers available currently at Surveys are also available in every district office. The Board will also hold three Injured Worker Days in all offices, on Nov. 4, Dec. 2 and Jan. 6. directed to our claimants.
  • Will the BPR project consider best practices from other states? Yes. The Board is very familiar with the best practices of other states, from projects such as eClaims, and will continue to examine how other jurisdictions operate to learn more from their successes.
  • Will the feedback and comments gathered from the outreach be published on the website? Yes. Feedback such as this is always available on
  • Will the BPR project address technology? Technology that enables the proposed business process redesign will be considered, within the bounds of necessity and available resources.
  • Will the BPR project consider legislative changes? If they are necessary and the best solution, legislative changes required to support the envisioned workers' compensation system may be considered as part of the BPR project.