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Workers' Compensation Board

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Communication - Planning Phase

To succeed, all Board staff and system stakeholders must participate in an open, two-way communication – beginning in the early stages of the project. You can always communicate with the BPR project team via email: In the coming weeks, the BPR project team will reach out to staff and stakeholders to provide project information and solicit your ideas and feedback. The Board anticipates this will begin ongoing communications about the project. Please monitor the Events sections for opportunities to participate in the process.

Progress Report on BPR from Executive Director Jeffrey Fenster

Here's What We are Hearing

    February 2014 Webinar Sessions

    November 2013 Webinar Sessions

    September 2013 Webinar Sessions

    BPR Project Sponsor Updates

    BPR Project Deliverables

    Subject Numbers

  • Subject Number 046-623 (September 20, 2013)
    Workers' Compensation Board Announces BPR Stakeholder Outreach Events
  • Subject Number 046-608 (August 15, 2013)
    Board to Work with Stakeholders to Improve System Performance in New York

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