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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Overview

Business Process Re-engineering

In August of 2013 the Workers’ Compensation Board started the planning and analysis phase of its business process re-engineering (BPR) effort. The agency engaged Deloitte to help conduct this state wide endeavor to evaluate and rethink the workers’ compensation system in New York. The BPR effort aims to re-create a system that effectively serves the needs of injured workers and employers.

During this time period the Board conducted previously unprecedented outreach to both internal and external system participants and stakeholders, collecting feedback and recommendations to issues impacting the delivery of benefits and overall operation of the system.

An injured workers survey collected over eight thousand responses. In person sessions, webinars and focus group sessions were held to engage system participants. These groups included employers, injured workers, insurers, medical providers, attorneys and organized labor as well as a mixed Advisory Council. These groups will continue to meet as the project progresses to the implementation stage. The first phase of the project was executed on schedule, with a key milestone being met with the publication of the As Is Assessment report

Soon the Board will begin to implement three key initiatives. These are expected to address long standing issues and bring about improvements in processes for all stakeholders. By leveraging technology and utilizing performance statistics through data collection we expect to inform and change inefficient processes impacting the delivery of benefits.

Our next key milestone will be the publication of the "To Be" assessment report. We expect publication of that document in the near future once it has gone through an internal and executive vetting process.

Some of the initiatives contained in that report will be implemented quickly. Inevitably some other initiatives will not be implemented until later. We encourage you to visit our website for updates. Please continue to provide your feedback and questions in this collaborative effort redefining the role of the Board. Our email address is:

Please see the Implementation Phase section for information related to the BPR Implementation effort.